Red maxi dress:  An extravagant style.

A maxi dress is always floor-length regardless of its sleeve-size. It gives you the flexibility to make a design in the full length however you want it. A red maxi dress is something I love to wear to parties and wedding ceremonies. The color red has its own benefits.  It brings a warm feeling with positivity floating around you. It exudes a strong and powerful inner energy. So red is a great color choice for an outfit, especially for a maxi dress.

A red maxi dress can really bring out that vibrant person in you. For a hijab-preferring woman, red maxi dresses can be mixed and matched in different ways with best suiting hijab wraps. Wear a red maxi dress with a denim full sleeves jacket if you want to have a casual chic look. Getting ready for office? Use a black wrap coat over the red maxi dress. You will look classy.

I love to wear prints and large designs on maxi dresses. Prints and designs give the dress a hint of festivity feel. Maxi dresses with prints and patterns look even extravagant. If you choose and style the right color maxi dress with right accessories, it can help you make a bold style statement. If you have a red maxi dress and the right outfit style, you are all set to go for a party.

Red maxi dress with a beautiful design made with henna paste: Hijab Fashion Sketches

I wanted to make a variety hijab fashion sketch this time. In this fashion sketch, I made a henna design on the dress with henna paste to make it look fab. The outfit is basically a red maxi dress. You will definitely look great in this designer look with your favorite hijab style. I have paired the dress with a denim blue head wrap. Denim blue is a fantastic color combination to go with red.

Red Maxi Dress | hijab fashion sketches image 2

Red Maxi Dress | hijab fashion sketches image 6

Red Maxi Dress | hijab fashion sketches image 4 Red Maxi Dress | hijab fashion sketches image 3

Click here for hijab fashion illustration of lace up shirt and maxi skirt.

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