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Striped maxi dress | hijab fashion sketches image 1

Striped maxi dress with elegant charcoal brown kimono: Hijab Fashion Sketches

Striped maxi dress to floral: Mind blowing varieties that you must try! Nowadays you have access to a vast assortment of dresses. It ranges from striped maxi dress to floral dress. Thanks to these variety department stores and designers. They make these available anywhere and fashion savvy ladies can buy them at ease. The one characteristic…

Vintage Maxi dress | hijab fashion sketches image 5

Vintage Maxi dress and Olive green Short tunic with palazzo: Hijab Fashion Sketches

Vintage Maxi dress: The Look and Feel of Retro you would die for! A vintage maxi dress is a modern day adaptation of clothing fashion from the old times. The word “Vintage style” generally used for referring to the outfits of old times. These resemble with the kind of garments people used during the 1980’s,…

Ladies Trouser Styles post image

9 Ladies Trouser Styles: Trousers that every hijab-wearing woman must own

Trouser Styles that every hijab-wearing woman must own These days trousers have become uncompromising as an outfit style for a hijab-wearing woman. A lot of women try different trouser styles in combination with a long tunic, shirt dress, or midi. Women in all age can make a style statement just by trying to make combinations of these trouser styles…

Maxi gown | hijab fashion sketches image 3

Maxi gown with a kimono wrap coat: Hijab Fashion Illustration

Maxi gown: Easy to throw on and super comfortable. Maxi gowns are just about becoming the dream come true. Whether it is summer or winter every woman desire to snug in these loose fitting beauties. You can get creative in styling a maxi gown in different ways. If you have a friends day out to…

Printed maxi skirt |Hijab fashion sketches-image 1

Printed maxi skirt with full sleeve tunic and half coat: Hijab Fashion Sketches

Printed Maxi Skirts: Suited for any style. A printed maxi skirt or a plain one, it is wardrobe essential no matter which body type you belong to. If you think, you can’t wear a maxi skirt because it won’t suit you, then you are wrong. Only wear it once and you will fall in love…

Maxi skirt loopy design printed | Hijab Fashion Illustration pic 1

Maxi skirt loopy design printed with short tunic: Hijab Fashion Illustration

Maxi Skirts: A comfort outfit for ease and style. Maxi skirt is a good outfit to wear on any given day or event. This outfit is also comfortable during summer or hot weathers. There are different types of maxi skirts available in clothing stores. These variety styles are floral printed, retro style, boho, vintage and…

shirtdress and abaya | hijab fashion sketches | All Things hijab | Hijab fashion blog pic 2

Bottleneck Shirtdress with Palazzo and Abaya: Hijab Fashion Sketches

Shirtdress Bottleneck and Palazzo: Excellent outfit to make a style statement A Shirtdress is one among the best choices to make a style statement. It’s always a hijabista’s best friend in need. These outfits will help you achieve a stylish and cool look. You will be popular among your friends in no time. Shirt dresses…

Polka dot skirt dress | Hijab fashion illustration | All Things Hijab pic 1

Polka dot Skirt dress: Hijab Fashion Illustration | Made of used clothes.

Polka dot Skirt dress: An evergreen style statement A Polka dot skirt dress is a fashionista’s must-have item. We all dream to have an extraordinary looking Polka dot skirt dress. Polka dots are evergreen no matter what. As a result, fashion-savvy women from around the world favor polka dot outfits. The story of polka dots…

Maxi dress | Hijab Fashion Illustration | All Things Hijab

Horse gram textured Brown Maxi dress: Hijab Fashion Illustration

Maxi dress: An all-time favorite After my first fashion sketch, I was thinking about making the second one in a different way. This time I have made a maxi dress. We all love maxi dresses so much, especially in festive seasons and hot weathers. It is an all time favorite of hijabista women. A maxi…