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Trouser Styles that every hijab-wearing woman must own

These days trousers have become uncompromising as an outfit style for a hijab-wearing woman. A lot of women try different trouser styles in combination with a long tunic, shirt dress, or midi. Women in all age can make a style statement just by trying to make combinations of these trouser styles with matching outfits in their day to day style.

Every hijab-wearing woman should have a couple of these trousers in their wardrobes as these can come handy if you want to make a unique style impression in front of your friends and family. Let's have a look at different trouser styles that will suit any top wears of your choice.

1. Stretchy comfortable casual Leggings

Leggings are skin tight trousers that are easy to wear and very comfortable for a casual outing. Modern leggings are made from Lycra, nylon, cotton, polyester blend, wool, or silk. Nowadays leggings are easily available in a large spectrum of colors and decorative designs. These are affordable at cheap prices as well today.

You can wear it partially covered by a garment such as long tunics, midi, or shirt-dresses. Leather-look leggings and jeggings(leggings that look like jeans) are recent leggings styles that have become popular.

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Women Stretchy Print Leggings and Casual  Pencil Trousers

2. Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo pant is a great choice for summer time. It is renowned as the most popular summer style among hijabistas. Who doesn't want to breathe a little bit in a blazing hot weather in this comfy pair of trousers?

Palazzo trousers are basically cut with an extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist. These are most popular summer season style among hijabistas, as they are loose, light and flowing.  You can pair a palazzo trouser with a short tunic, long kurta or a shirt dress with a kick ass hijab style. There you go, all set to make an impression.

Ladies Trouser Styles | Palazzo image 1

high waist yoke wide leg palazzo pants

Ladies Trouser Styles | Palazzo image 2

Corduroy Wide Leg Jeans Flare Bootcut Trousers

3. Baggy Pants

Baggy pants are one of the essentials in a hijabi woman's wardrobe. These pants are similar to a half-skirt. It's a kind of a hybrid between a skirt and a pant. You can choose to wear them with a suitable top-wear option to bring a unique summer style for a cozy feeling. A casual hijab style is a great way to go with it.

Ladies Trouser Styles | Baggy pants image 2

Striped Haroun Hip Hop Drop Crotch Capris Cropped Baggy Trouser

Vintage Jeans loose Harem Trousers

Ladies Trouser Styles | Baggy pants image 3

Harajuku Style Harem Baggy Hip Hop Sweat Pants

4. Tailored Trousers for women

Tailored trousers are the essential part of an office going style for a hijabista woman. There are so many variety styles of trousers for ladies available today. Wide-legged trousers, pleated trousers, leather trousers, and slim-fit trousers are some of those options available for you.

Trousers can help you to achieve a formal look suitable for an office environment. They also match to a much less formal occasion like parties or get together. You can wear suitable trouser style that is flattering to your body type with any choice of tunic or shirt, and a hijab style.

Ladies Trouser Styles | Tailored Trousers image 1

Business Ladies Office Trouser

5. Pencil Trousers

Pencil Trousers are trousers that have a snug fit through the legs. Some trousers can have a small leg opening and some can have zippers which are needed at the bottom of the leg to help to pull them over the feet. Pencil trousers are an excellent choice to wear with lengthy outfit choices for hijab wearing woman. You can wear a pencil trouser with a long shirt dress, a midi-dress, or a long tunic with your favorite hijab style.

Ladies Trouser Styles | Pencil trousers image 1 Ladies Trouser Styles | Pencil trousers image 2

Casual Stretch Skinny Pencil Trousers

6. Chino Trousers

Chinos are similar to Khaki pants. They are made from lightweight cotton fabric and are very comfortable to wear. It's an excellent choice for summer style and they can also be worn to suit office going style. You can pair chinos with a matching outfit of your choice and a hijab style.

Ladies Trouser Styles | chino trousers image 2

Women’s Straight-Fit Chino

Ladies Trouser Styles | chino trousers image 1

Women’s Straight-Fit Chino

7. Casual Jeans

Jeans are the evergreen choice for ladies from around the world. Everyone loves to wear jeans for a casual occasion. Jeans can go with any kind of outfit with a matching hijab style.

Ladies Trouser Styles | jeans image 1 Ladies Trouser Styles | jeans image 2

Skinny Jeans for Woman

8. Indian Style Patiala and Dhoti Trousers

Patiala Trousers traditional trousers, women in India wear with salwar.  Patiala trouser is very loose and made with pleats stitched together that meet at the bottom to give a beautiful draping effect. It is a very comfortable outfit to wear during summer.

Dhoti trousers are also traditional Indian pants worn with salwar. These look like the Indian men's dhoti which is traditional Indian garment wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted at the waist. You can set it with complimenting hijab style and a short tunic or medium length tunic to get a traditional yet elegant look.

Ladies Trouser Styles | Indian patiala pants image

Patiala Trousers

9.  Harem Pants

Harem pants or harem trousers are baggy, long pants that fit in in a flared manner at the ankle. These kind of trousers are very cozy to wear. Harem pants come in a variety of colors and prints. Match it with your favorite outfits and hijab.

Ladies Trouser Styles | Harem pants image

Check out the vintage maxi dress illustration here.

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