Lace-up Shirt to Lace-up Boots: The New Fashion Trend

Lace-up fashion is the new trend in town among ladies. From lace-up shirt to lace-up anything, you may find it everywhere on women outfits. Laces, ribbons, cords, or drawstring, designers use anything to use on a lace-up style to create a unique fashion. You can get genius and style a flawless chic look using a lace-up shirt or dress. Lace-up fashion was very popular in the 2000's. And fashion world has given this style kind of a throwback now.

You can wear the lace-up details at the neck, up the back, in the sleeves or any way you like it in an outfit. Some DIYers even make a striking lace-up shirt and other lace-up outfits from normal wear easily. Want to do one for yourself? You can find plenty of those DIY tutorials on the internet. For a hijabista, if you fear it won't cover fully, wear a matching slip dress under the lace-up dress.

Style a lace-up shirt in a few different ways to create a bold look. Tuck it into a high-waist maxi skirt or a pair of straight-cut trousers. Find a hijab style to sync with the overall outfit style.

Brown lace-up shirt with full sleeves and Dark blue Frill maxi skirt: Hijab Fashion Sketches

In this hijab fashion sketch, I made a lace up shirt with a blue and gray designer maxi skirt. The lace-up shirt is brown and the lace-up is designed in the front of the shirt. The maxi skirt is high waist and frill style. Brown is a great color combination which will compliment each other. There is a matching gray turban( Turban is a type of head wrap made by winding hijab shawl around the head. It's an emerging trend nowadays.) to go with the outfit.

Lace-up Shirt | hijab fashion sketches image 3

Lace-up Shirt | hijab fashion sketches image 4

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