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Convert short dress to long dress using this easy DIY fashion tutorial.

A few weeks back one of my cousins asked me for a hand in doing some alterations to one of the dresses she had. She wanted to know how to convert short dress to long dress and she wanted to do it easily. This is a situation that any of us would come across on a day to day life. The solution to this problem is pretty simple. I thought of sharing it with you as it can help you too.

A short dress when transformed using this easy DIY will look like this HERVE LEGER DEEP DECOLLETE LIMITED EDITION GOWN (right) and NWT - Herve Leger - Erica Silky Jersey Long Gown (left). We can easily transform short dresses to long dresses without having to cut and stitch with the help of this DIY shortcut, I am going to share here for you.

Easy DIY fashion tutorial: How to convert short dress to long dress!

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A  Ladies Long Sleeve Bodycon Short Mini Dress like this one can be transformed into a long dress which will look like a trumpet dress or a mermaid dress. The first thing you are going to need for this DIY is a Long maxi skirt which is either flared, pleated or mermaid cut. Like the skirts in the images down here.

How-to-do Sketches Illustrating the outfit!

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In this easy DIY tutorial, I am going to explain two different ways to achieve two different fabulous looks that will save a lot of money and effort.

  1. Transform to a mermaid dress 

If you want to transform a short dress to a mermaid dress, you need to wear the skirt first. Then wear the short dress over it. It will look like a perfect long evening gown.(Look 1) And you are all set to go to a party.

  1. Transform to a maxi skirt dress

If you want to transform your short dress into a maxi skirt dress you should wear the short dress first. Then wear the skirt over it. Style the dress with a fancy belt over the hip where the skirt joins the dress. Here you go with your beautiful skirt dress. (Look 2).

These two looks are like the ones in the sketches given down here. Check them out. Isn't it a simple and easy do-it-yourself style hack? And believe me. This will save a lot of effort that you will put in to look gorgeous for a special occasion.

With the help of these shortcuts, you can easily convert your short dress into a mind- blowing long evening gown. You can save some money without much effort by making an evening gown without having to actually buy a new one. You may already own one which you can simply convert to a dress using this DIY.

Or you can buy this beautiful Women Summer Casual Long Sleeve Party Evening Cocktail Short Mini Dress and the Women Summer BOHO Long Maxi Pleated Flared Casual Beach Skirt which you can transform into a beautiful dress later for an occasion. Just click the link above to buy it.

Check out the Maxi skirt with loopy design illustration here.

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