Hello there! I am Sajna. Welcome to my blog, All Things Hijab | Everything you want to know about hijab fashion

Are you here for hijab fashion and style tips? Do you like to look fashionable without having to break your wallet? Want to go on a hijab fashion-inspired adventure? Do you like to explore creative hijab style ideas? Are you a fashion enthusiast? Have you interested in personal styling? And want to check out trending designs and illustrations in hijab fashion I make for you? Want to learn about the story of fashion and inspiration?

If your answer is yes then you are right at home here!

I have got fascinated by hijab fashion and personal styling ever since I was a little girl. Whenever there was a chance, I would get creative and make my own style.  When grew up to be a woman, fashion brought me the feeling of nostalgia. It made me feel better. I will never get tired of looking at dresses all day.

To me, fashion is like feeling a sweet and fresh morning breeze on my face, making it more festive around me. Here at my blog, you can find my personal experiences and experiments with hijab fashion. This is all about hijab style, fashion, and design spiced up with a regular dose of philosophy.

Hope you’ll join me in my journey from a stay-at-home mom to an enterprising ambassador of living life to the fullest. Let's celebrate fashion and life together.

What can you find in my hijab fashion blog?

  • My hijab fashion diaries
  • My hijab style innovations
  • Fashion and look adventures
  • Modest fashion and styling tips
  • healthy wallet-friendly fashion hacks
  • Fashionable yet budget friendly stuff I find for you
  • My creative experiments with hijab fashion and design
  • My personal findings on hijab fashion, design, and styling

My perspective on life and hijab fashion inspiration.

Life is all about living happy, feeling bright, exuding joy and enriching lives. It's a beautiful fact that life itself and everything in it is worth celebrating no matter what. And to me, fashion is a festival and it brings colors to my life. And it's something worth celebrating. I would like to quote one of my favorite quotes here.

You are existing in this world because your spirit is the bravest & your purpose is far greater than you can ever fathom

So here I am with my fashion adventure for you to read, reflect and enjoy. I would be very happy if any of the experiences and opinions I share here, has helped you better celebrate your life and make your dreams come true.

Now a little something about myself.

Hijab Fashion Blog | All Things Hijab |Sajna Abdul Rasheed- about me image

I am a simple and fun loving person with a keen passion for fashion and personal style. I love creating my own style. I am a budding fashion designer. I learned fashion designing through self-study and I am still learning. The best part in fashion designing is getting creative and making a new style.

I am a foodie with an everlasting love for good food. I love to explore restaurants. I enjoy all kind of food especially street food, Continental, and Italian. I enjoy experimenting with cooking recipes and creating new ones. Love to travel and explore new places and adventures. The dream to travel around the world is yet to be accomplished.

I am a digital marketing professional, married and settled in Dubai since 2011. I have a beautiful daughter to whom becoming someone to look up to and leaving footprints for her to follow, is the purpose and joy of my life.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you will catch up with me as I share a handful of favorites in my life. Don't forget to share your feedback! Those are very valuable to help me continuously improve and become better in what I share here for you.

With lots of love ♥♥ Sajna ♥♥

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